1. ALL PLAYERS playing at DROP ZONE ltd. must be registered and turn in a signed waiver prior to playing. If a player is under the age of 18 years old, the waiver must be signed by player’s parent or legal guardian.
  2. The minimum age to play at DROP ZONE ltd. is 10 years old.
  3. Approved full face mask/ Goggle Systems must be worn at all times when on the playing field or in the target/ chrono area. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. Barrel Covers must be used to cover guns at all times when player is not engaged in a game or at target/chrono area.
  5. No shooting anywhere except inside playing fields and target/chrono area.
  6. Absolutely NO alcohol or illegal drugs allowed.
  7. Do not shoot wildlife, signs, or vehicles.
  8. No climbing of trees or top of structures.
  9. No profanity or verbal abuse of players or staff is allowed.
  10. Absolutely no fighting.
  11. No potentially dangerous gear. Players may not bring any form of sharp objects or tools onto the playing field. No types of firearms, pyrotechnics, or explosives are allowed.
  12. All guns must be chronographed to a speed that does not exceed 285 FPS. No player is allowed to adjust speeds higher than 285 FPS during play.
  13. Obey the referee! All final calls belong to the ref.
  14. No blind shooting.
  15. No cheating. (That includes wiping). Any player who continues to play with an obvious hit will be removed from the game and forced to sit out the following game.
  16. No eliminated player may fire or be fired upon.
  17. Players may request “paintchecks” on other players or themselves.
  18. Do not shoot another player at a range of less than 15 feet. The other player has option to surrender.
  19. Once eliminated you must exit the playing field with your barrel cover on.
  20. “Dead Men Don’t Talk”. If a player has been eliminated he is forbidden to talk to his teammates.
  21. Make sure your personal effects and gear are secure. DROP ZONE Ltd. will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal property.
  22. All spectators must be at least 2 feet away from netting at all times.