Here at Drop Zone we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all budgets for a variety of players. From the beginner with no equipment to the more experienced tourny player which plays more frequently. We are working hard to make paintball more affordable for everyone. All new for 2017 we have player packages see below for details!

$12.00 All Day Play (per player)
$10.00 After 2 P.M.

$1.00 Per Thousand PSI
$8.00 All Day Air
Sorry, No CO2

$15.00 Marker Package (Tippmann 98 Rental, Hopper, Face Mask, & HPA Tank)
$5.00 Face Mask Rental
$9.00 HPA Tank Rental (with first fill free)
$6.00 3 Pod Pack Rental
$3.00 Hopper Rental
$5.00 Chest Protector Rental

Name              500     1,000    2,000
GI 1 Star    $16.00  $30.00   $55.00

All Sales Subject to Sales Tax
Pricing and Paint Availability Subject to Change without Notice